Services Available

We are capable of providing many services from basic home problems to business issues. We our able to come to your home or business but we also provide online and phone support

Home Services

  • Help with your PC or Laptop and repair
  • Help with your Spreadsheet
  • Word Doc
  • Database
  • Presentation
  • help with your Tv
  • help with your console and repairs
  • Help with your mobile phone and repairs IPhone, iPod, iPad,Andriod phone or tablet Windows mobile And all other handsets
  • Any other Technology you have problems with
  • Console hire

Business Services

  • Website hosting,maintenance and building
  • Pc,Laptop,Tv,CCTV and phone maintenance and repairs
  • CCTV installation and maintenance
  • Servers planning, building and maintenance


  • Yes we can host an already built website on our server as well as updating and maintaining it for you as well
  • Yes we can also fix broken screen of phone's/pads
  • Yes we can help you better understand how to use your technology
  • Yes we can also come to your home or business to clean unwanted bugs and files to make your computer/laptop run faster and more efficient
  • Yes if your console needs repair you can rent out one of ours till yours is fixed and if needed we can send your faulty out out to the official store for it to be repaired