Pay As You Go IT Support

Save money with our flexible and affordable technical support service.

  • Total transparency of spend
  • Spend and top up when you want
  • From less than £2 an hour!

TerrorByte’s Pay As You Go IT support offers a flexible alternative to traditional contract-based support. For less than £2 per hour Pay As You Go customers can buy credits to spend on IT services when and where they choose.

TerrorByte’s Technologies' Pay As You Go IT Support is a unique innovative solution to IT systems maintenance that ensures you get real value for money. We recognise that every customer has unique challenges and to that end requires access 'on-demand' to quality support and maintenance through a commoditised approach.

Pay As You Go IT Support gives customers top-quality technical support from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for a low capital outlay, ensuring 100% value for money.

How does Pay As You Go IT support work?

Customers simply buy credit (from as little as £2 an hour), which can be used to cover IT support or access TerrorByte’s broad portfolio of IT services.

Customers simply call TerrorByte when they have a requirement up to the point of using up all their credit in the same way as PAYGO mobile phones.

Key Benefits of Pay As You Go IT support

  • Improved spend visibility and management - save money on your IT
  • Value for money – more cost effective than ad hoc calling
  • Puts you in control of your IT support contract
  • Total transparency – get what you pay for
  • Low Capital Outlay – less than £2 per hour
  • Flexibility - spend and top up when you want
  • Improved cash flow
  • Guaranteed 8 hour technical support

Pay-As-You-Go enables smaller businesses to have their own out of office IT team without the extra overheads, there for help when required.

For larger businesses with an IT department, Pay-As-You-Go provides access to an extended team to cover holidays, absence and specialist tasks.


TerrorByte Proactive IT Support

A fully managed IT support facility without the cost.

  • Increases staff productivity
  • Cuts and controls costs
  • Automates security and compliance

TerrorByte’s 24/7 proactive IT support approach using TPC saves businesses time and money by ensuring IT systems operate to their optimum, eliminating unnecessary downtime, maximising IT estate and reducing cost of ownership.

TPC spots IT issues before they impact upon a business, allowing TerrorByte’s technical engineers to proactively maintain a customer’s IT. That means non-intrusive IT support, so issues are often resolved without end user knowledge. Ultimately, you can focus on doing business rather than fixing IT.

We can cover all processes like backup, network optimisation, server monitoring, desktop monitoring and patch management, amongst other tasks.

The IT helpdesk will monitor any issues for rapid resolution proactively. If a fault or error cannot be resolved through remote support to the customer’s system then an engineer will attend.

Increases staff productivity

  • 24/7 365 monitoring allows prediction and fix prior to fail
  • Drives less hassle and downtime
  • Increases user satisfaction
  • Reduces user complaints and call outs
  • Instils culture shift away from reactive break-fix
  • Optimises PCs for maximum uptime
  • Releases internal time to concentrate on strategic issues

Automates security and compliance

Cuts and controls costs

  • Increases organisational performance and productivity to add value to the bottom line
  • Reduces licence costs
  • Irons out issues before they become business impacting and costly problems
  • Extends lifespan of computers & servers, reducing your IT overhead
  • Cuts cost from support process with seamless remote support & management
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduces energy bill and CO2 footprint with power management optimisation
  • Integrates with TerrorByte Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

Trial TPC for FREE

Take advantage of our free 1 month, no obligation trial by emailing and experience how TPC can benefit your business.

24 hour service available in two cost-effective packages

TPC managed service is available in two packages, depending on your needs and budget. It can cost as little as £1.50 per day to cover up to 10 PCs!


Standard Fixed Price Contract IT Support

Fixed-price technical support matched to your business's budget and needs

  • Fixed price and easy to budget for
  • Multiple levels for varying budgets
  • Upgradeable to TPC managed service

TerrorByte’s has technical expertise covering all aspects of desktop computing from PCs and printers to networks, warranties and repairs. Our standard IT support contracts cover all costs for software and hardware support.

TerrorByte’s offers multiple levels of standard contract-based IT support to fit different budgets.

Key Benefits of our standard fixed price contract IT support

  • Fixed overhead
  • Tailored cost to your IT needs
  • Reassurance from retained support
  • Multiple service level agreements to fit different budgets